Color Street Looks That You Can Totally Rock for Valentines 2019!

Valentine’s Day is such a sweet, romantic holiday, but it can be a whole lot of fun as well. Color Street just released the 2019 Valentine Limited Edition Sets and they are AWESOME! Let’s take a few minutes to check out these beautiful designs so you can pick out a great style to totally rock your Valentine manicures.

Belize Bellini

It doesn’t get any more romantic than dazzling pink glitter. Belize Bellini is a gorgeous glitter that can easily be worn as an accent nail, in combination with another Color Street shade or by itself. I love how the nail sparkles in the sunlight, too. Talk about an attention grabber! This shade would be a great choice for a special night on the town with that someone special. If you are looking to add some real sparkle to your life, Belize Bellini may just be the ticket.


This beautiful shade is actually very versatile. It is a mix of red, purple and gold glitter. The glitter is a chunkier style and only on the tips of the strip. It is otherwise transparent. This makes Cannes-fetti a great choice for those that want a minimal look with just a touch of glitz. It also makes a great accent overlay for other shades. What a great way to dress up a solid color! This is such a fun strip. I really think you should give this one try.

Florence Fizz

Florence Fizz is a great blend of bright, vibrant pink and cool silver glitter. This color is both playful and fun, yet can be very elegant and classy. It is a bit bold in a block style for the colors. If you are someone that likes a color block type of look, then this nail strip was meant for you.


Are you looking for a classic, elegant red for this Valentine’s Day? If you are, then Lust-Embourg is the color for you. This deep red gives you both a little extra glamour with a small dose of shimmer. I love this shade of red. It is truly a stunning red and looks awesome worn by itself or with other designs.

Rose and Prose

If you love romantic phrases and roses, this nail design will appeal to you. Rose and Prose has a neutral base and it topped with roses and romantic sayings. This is a truly unique Valentines set created with the romantic in mind. These would look great paired with a red accent nail or two as you go out on the town.

Sweet Talker

Are you a fan of those little candy conversation hearts? Then, this adorable nail design is definitely your style. This cute design is sure to be a conversation starter when people see the pastel heart designs. It does have a shimmery finish which gives it an extra festive feel. These are great for kids, but also for the young at heart. Sweet Talker is just so cure that it is almost irresistible.

Whole Latte Love

Whole Latte Love is a shimmering, sugar-spun delight for your nails. It has a pretty copper base that has little heart accents and dark brown strips that resemble chocolate drizzles across your favorite coffee beverage. When you are looking for something a little different to help your nails celebrate the sweetness of Valentines, this delightful design will be precisely what you are looking for.

Work of Fine Heart

This gorgeous nail design shouts “Happy Valentine’s Day” to everyone who sees it. It has cure little heart cutouts on each nail with a glittery pink and purple gradient of color. These are so pretty that you could wear them as a complete set, or you can always add a pink or purple accent to add a touch more glamour.

No matter what your style or preference, Color Street has a design for you to rock this Valentine’s Day. These eight incredible designs were released on January 8, 2019 and sell for between $12-$13 each. They are well worth a look and will last on your nails for up to 14 days, so you will get lots of Valentine’s love out of these sets.

Can’t wait to get your hands on these AWESOME Valentine sets? Check them out here!!

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