Tips for Great Looking Nails

Everyone wants great looking nails. The key to this is taking care of your hands and nails so they are healthy and gorgeous. This is really very easy to accomplish without spending a lot of time and money. Here are a few simple things you can do at home to have a great nail care routine.

Keep Hands and Nails Clean

This may sound really simple, but it is also very important. Make sure your nails and the skin around them are free of all dirt. You can use a soft toothbrush and apply salt to the bristles. Then, scrub gently around the nails. This will help to remove all the dirt and debris from around the nail bed. Be sure to remove all traces of any left over nail color with a non-acetone remover. All other types of polish remover will dry out your nails. Resist the urge to soak your nails in water. Soaking them for extended periods of time may lead to increased splitting of your nails. Clean your nails on a regular basis and make sure to dry them thoroughly.

Be Gentle to Your Nails

Our nails are actually pretty delicate. Anything you do with your nails should be done gently. Make sure that you don’t scrub your nails too harshly. While scrubbing does help to get them clean, doing so too harshly can irritate them and lead to possible infections. Don’t use metal tools to scrape under the nail. Too much digging under the nail plate will cause the nail to separate from the skin.

Trim Your Nails Regularly

This is a very important part of maintaining nail health. Nails that are too long or too short can create the opportunity for nail breakage and serious damage. Use a nail cutter to cut your nails neatly. First, trim them in a straight line and then square or round them off at the tips. For regular maintenance, you should trim them about once every two to three weeks depending on how fast your nails grow.

Don’t Cut Your Cuticles

Our cuticles have a very important purpose – to seal the area at the base of the nail. Our cuticles are very delicate and can rupture easily. When you cut or remove them, it breaks the seal of protection that nature provided for your nails. This leaves your nails vulnerable to bacteria and possible infection. If you must mess with them at all, gently push them back once a week with a wooden orange stick after getting out of the bath or shower.

If you have hanging skin around the nail, follow this procedure to help keep the cuticle area healthy. Always handle them carefully. Trim the hanging skin gently, so it doesn’t stick out , pull or cause more pain. Never pick at them. This just leads to tearing and more irritation for the cuticle area. One way to help eliminate this issue is to moisturize your cuticle area. Use a cuticle cream, coconut oil or almond oil on the area and massage it into the cuticles gently.

Value the Health of Your Nails Over the Length

Long nails are beautiful, but are definitely harder to maintain than shorter nails. If you are someone who struggles with snags or breakage, it is probably better to try and keep your nails shorter. The best shape for a shorter nail is a rounded edge. Not only is this easier to manage, but also looks neater as well. Focus on building strength in your nails and then decide if you want a longer length.

Use the Right Tools

It is very important that you use the right tools to file your nails. The best tool for this is a glass nail file. They are healthier for your nails because they seal the nail as you file which keeps unwanted dirt and bacteria from entering your nail. It is a good idea to always have one on hand. That way, if you encounter a lot of wear and tear to your nail, you can smooth away the edges immediately instead of risking further damage. It is also important to take proper care of those tools. Disinfect all your nail tools between each use. Wash any metal tools with soap and water then wipe them with alcohol. This procedure also applies to glass nail files. Keeping your tools handy and clean will go a long way to improving the health of your nails.

Always Read Labels

The ingredients in your nail products can make a huge difference in the overall health of your nails. Make sure you are using high quality products. They may cost you a bit more up front, but healthy nails are worth it. Stay away from polishes and products containing toxic chemicals. Look for products that are free from formaldehyde, toulene, and dibutyl phthalate. These are also known as 3 FREE products. Products that contain these three toxins will cause brittleness, splitting and cracking to your nails.

Moisturize Your Hands and Nails

This is a very important part of keeping your nails healthy and looking awesome. You wouldn’t even think of not moisturizing your face, so why do you neglect your nails? Any nutrient rich oil or moisturizer will do wonders. It is also a good idea to keep a travel size hand cream in your purse and also by your kitchen sink, so you are always able to moisturize your skin. Moisturizing your hands and nails makes your nails less rigid and less likely to break. It also makes them stronger.

Avoid Damage Behaviors

There are three common behaviors that are really damaging to your nails. The first of these is using your nails as tools. It is never a good idea to use your nails as a prying tool. This weakens the nails greatly. This can lead to bad breaks in the nail which are both painful and can lead to serious issues for your nail bed. It also chips and damages your polish which leads to wasted time because you now have to redo your manicure.

The second damaging behavior is nail biting. This is an awful behavior. It causes lots of damage to your nails and causes your nails to look ragged and bad. It also puts your damaged nail in contact with saliva which causes your nails to become brittle and weak. The third damaging behavior is scraping your nail polish off your nails. This is probably the worst thing you could do to your nails. It makes the surface of your nails rough and patchy. It also strips away the top layer of your nail which leaves your nails open to further damage.

Always Use a Base Coat

A lot of people think that a base coat is just an extra step to a manicure, but it is a lot more important than that. This step protects the nails form being stained by the polish. It also help your nail polish color look more saturated. Applying a thicker layer of base coat or even an extra coat will enhance the overall color of your polish.

Don’t Forget the Top Coat!!

This step is just as important as the base coat to your manicure. It seals the polish’s color and keeps it from fading. It can also add gloss to the finish of your manicure. There are different types of finish for top coats and each gives your nails a different look. These can range from gloss to glitter to matte finishes. The top coat also help your polish color to last longer. A tip to get the most out of your polish color is to add a new layer of top coat every 3 days. Doing this will help to decrease the chipping of your polish that tends to occur as your manicure gets older.

Protect Your Hands

When you need to do household chores, it is important to protect your hands and your nails. Wear gloves when cleaning, gardening or anything that requires you to soak your hands. This will help your hands to not get dried out and will keep your manicure beautiful and undamaged. Make sure that you wash the gloves thoroughly after each use. Hang them in sunlight if possible to help sanitize them. It is also important to wear mittens or gloves in the winter, so the cold air won’t leave you with dry, flaky, scaly skin. Always follow a use of gloves with a moisturizing hand cream to restore the balance for you skin and nails.

Just by following these few tips, you will be able to create a routine that will give you beautiful hands and nails. When it comes to your manicure, Color Street Nail Strips can save you time. They contain base coat, polish and top coat all in ONE strip. The strips are 100% nail polish and made in the USA. They are also 3 Free. They come in a wide variety of beautiful designs and colors. Check them out at my webstore link!!

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