What is a Color Street Nail Bar?

If you have ever wanted to Host a Color Street party or sign up for a Color Street Nail Bar Event, you can easily host your Color Street party ONLINE! There is no cleaning your house, making food for guests or even getting out of your sweats or putting on your bra! And the whole event is only about 45 minutes!! You can then earn all sorts of free and discounted products and the Color Street Stylist puts everything together for you!

How does a Color Street Online Party work?

First, we decide on a time frame for your party. We will usually have an open catalog party for a couple of weeks to give you the most time possible to have your friends and family place orders.

Once all the details are decided, I will mail you out sample packs to give to your online and offline Color Street party guests. This will give them a chance to try before they buy. I will create a special event for your Color Street online nail bar event. You will be able to share this link with your guests and invite people through the event. That way, you can invite your friends and family that live far away to be a part of your party. You can invite as many or as few people as you like. You can also show the catalogs to anyone that doesn’t attend the online party. They can go to the Color Street Party link and place their order!

One of the benefits to the way we run our Nail Bars is that when a guest places their order, it is processed immediately and the nail strips they ordered are sent out even if the party is still open! This is different than a lot of online parties that make you wait until the party closes to process the order. This also allows us to keep the party open for a longer period, so the host can earn the maximum rewards possible.

Host Benefits

Speaking of Host rewards, we value our Hosts and show it with our rewarding Host Program! Qualifying hosts are eligible for FREE and half-price products, free shipping and other special offers. Take a closer look at the chart below to see what you can earn!

Hosts will receive an additional half-price price item for each $200 sales over $1,000, up to a maximum of 15 half-price items per Host. Half-price items must be individual items only, not discounted packages. The entire reward order ships for free as long as the Nail Bar is over $300

Our Booking Program is a component of the Host Program

What this mean is when you have a new Nail Bar booked from your Nail Bar, you qualify for product credits to use at the new booking. The booking must qualify with a minimum of $300 in retail sales and 3+ orders. The credit needs to be redeemed within 60 days from the original Nail Bar.

1st booking when held – $25 Product Credit
2nd booking when held – $25 Product Credit
3rd booking when held – $25 Product Credit

As you can see, hosting a Color Street Nail Bar is simple. Not only do you get to see all the new nail strips, but you get to hang out online with your friends. It is fast-paced, fun and a great way to spend an evening! Plus, you can earn great FREE products. All this fun and you don’t have to clean your house!!

If you want to host your own Color Street Nail Bar, I would love to create just for you!! Follow the link below and we’ll start looking at the perfect date for you!!

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